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Lexy Panterra - Baddie Vibez

Baddie Vibez, is a mixed topic podcast with a raw, exciting, honest and heartfelt tone. Hosted by superstar singer/mogul aka the “Baddie Queen” herself, Lexy Panterra and radio personality Abbie Knights. Get ready for a wild ride this season! From exciting celebrity appearances, to hilarious games, random topics and deep insightful conversations, Lexy and Abbie, will take you on a journey through the entertainment industry, life as an artist, love... breakups to makeup, the latest tea, how to BO$$ up, fashion and did we mention, an intimate look into their personal lives?! Debuting in the top 60 on the Apple "Entertainment News" charts, unapologetically authentic, you won’t want to miss this! #BADDIEVIBEZ

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